35/365 My title is..

35/365 My name is..

My title is Moos, I am from Taiwan learning in Boston College for my Learn in Organization Administration. My passions are photography and looking at flicks.

I am generally horrible at introducing myself, so I generally want a imaginative way to introduce myself to new pals, and additional importantly, it can be reused.

我叫Moos, 中文名字是吳慕恩, 我是台灣人, 在波士頓大學念商學碩士. 我的興趣是照相跟看電影.

我一直都不會自我介紹, 所以我一直想要一個有創意的自我介紹方式, 更重要的是, 這個方法可以重覆使用.

Insert me as your speak to 🙂

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Posted by Moos W on 2012-01-19 02:15:36

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