Commercial Law

Law is defined as a set of rules and regulations or specie of commands handed down to the people by the sovereign with attendant sanctions, punishments or threats of sanctions. Chris joined the Law Division at LSBU in 1986 and is currently an Associate Professor and the Course Director of the LLB programmes. Land Law creates clear guidelines and formalities as to how the owner of an interest in land can acquire, transfer or extinguish that interest in land. This module introduces you property law (which includes Land law) and Equity and Trusts.

You will find out about contemporary and relevant business law like current topical challenges such as Industrial Relations Laws and businesses’ responsibility. Law students are trained in the case approach, and to the lawyer anything in life looks like a case.” – Edward Packard, Jr. It really is popular for parties to dispute the terms of a business agreement or disagree on how the agreement should be performed. Our teaching and studying technique focuses on student engagement and assistance and teaching law in its specialist context.

Max’s main interests centre on the law of torts, about which he teaches on the LLB Law Course at LSBU and has published extensively. The Business Law System seeks to contribute to scholarly, political, and policy debates regarding the function of business entities within our society by promoting scholarly study and public dialogue on critical business law problems.

Students will also benefit from guest seminars with professionals from legal and business practice, relevant Government departments, regulatory bodies and legal practitioners and international specialists in this field. Our Law division has set up a placement programme in conjunction with Southwark Council which has proved to be a massive success. This area of law consists of contracts, employment law, intellectual home , true estate, bankruptcy and lots of other places of the law. Business Law is a smaller, friendly programme in which supporting students as men and women is emphasised and a focus is put on establishing important employability abilities.

McDonald’s did not purposefully harm any one, but this business could have been far more careful to take into account achievable scenarios and make sure that no one was harmed. Your degree will develop the legal abilities and information demanded by employers in both public and private sectors and will present a sound basis from which to attain your individual and skilled ambitions.

The Law that is guiding a country might be changed when it appears that some of the contents are no longer compatible or out of date. You are going to critically examine the law straight governing the employment partnership such as each the contract of employment and statutory regulation. You will also cover supplementary legal research expertise, which will present a useful foundation if you plan on taking your law additional, coaching in another profession or even contemplating your personal business operation. A savvy businessperson will be frequently familiar with business laws and know when to seek the tips of a licensed lawyer.